Sunday Results and Tuesday Finals posted for Tuesday

For Sunday, congratulations to team Falcon Awesome for their victory in the Gold bracket, and Amanda Schuster’s team in the Silver bracket of Reverse. Captain Sofa Kingdom won a 3-set battle to emerge victorious over Matt Onweller’s team in Open 4s Gold final, and Walter’s teams took the nod in Silver.

For tomorrow, the schedule is posted for the final matches of the season. The battle for 1st place in Regular 4s is between Falcon Awesome and Blazin’ Viches. In Ladder 4s, FACRs held on to the top court last week, and Falcon Awesome won on Court 2. So Court 1 is FACRs v Falcon Awesome.

And, due to a new sponsorship, both finals matches tomorrow will be utilizing the NCAA video challenge rule. Cameras will be mounted at either pole, and will have high definition footage of the entire playing area. As per NCAA here are the rules:

• Each team will have three challenges per match. Challenges are not tied to timeouts.
• Only the team that lost the rally will be able to challenge. If the call is reversed, the team that lost the review will be able to challenge another aspect of the point. Each team will be limited to one challenge per rally.
• A coach will need to make the challenge before the referee extends his arm for service to begin the next point.
• There must be indisputable video evidence for the official to change the original call. Coaches will be allowed to challenge the following plays:
• Net faults: players contacting the net/antenna.
• Player touching the ball: four hits/blocker/defensive player.
• Whether a ball was in or out (this includes pancakes and whether the ball touched the antenna).
• Service foot faults.

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